* Q: What are the benefits of investing in any of JIEC’S Industrial Estates?

* Developed Land plots and standard factory building at competitive prices.

* Modern infrastructure and services.

* Bundle of taxes exemption and incentives.

* Wastewater treatment plants.

* A streamlined and simplified registration and licensing procedures through an Investor One-Stop-Shop window. JIEC provides the necessary licenses for industrial projects through the Investors Services Bureau.

* A qualified administrative and technical team to follow up and facilitate the affairs of investors.

* A wide range of services, as detailed below :



1.Internal road network

- Customs centers.

2.Electricity Network

- Innovation center at Al-Hassan industrial estate/ Irbid

3.Street lighting

- Labor office

4.telecommunications network

- Civil defense and security center

5.Water network

- Civil defense and security center

6.Water treatment plant

- Free zone

7.Sanitation network

- Fuel station and Maintenance center

8.Rain water disposal

- Clearance and transport goods


- Emergency and surgery clinic

10.Free Internet service

- Liaison office for the Ministry of Industry and Trade

11.Lab to test water samples

- Liaison office for the Royal Scientific Society

12.Investor One-Stop-Shop window

- Liaison office for the chambers of industry

13.24/7 call center

- Liaison office for the Jordanian Armed Forces

14.Interactive website

* Q: What are the benefits of investing in any of JIEC’S Industrial Estates?

* Full exemption from taxes and fees on: -

• Fixed assets of the project.

• Fixed assets necessary for expanding purposes.

• Spare parts for the project.

* According to the new development zones Law, a number of investment incentives and sales tax & customs exemptions are provided to the industrial projected within our industrial estates(Al Hassan Industrial Estate, Al Hussein Industrial Estate & Al Muwaqar Industrial Estate):




Income tax


On income generated from activities within the development zone.

Sales tax


On goods and services purchased into or imported for use in economic activities.

Custom duties


On all materials, instruments, machines, and appliances used for establishing, construction and equipping and furnishing all kinds of projects in the development zone (Industrial Estate)

Social services tax


On all income accrued within the zone or outside the kingdom.

Dividends tax


On all income accrued within the zone or outside Kingdom

* Q: What are the services provided by Investors Services Bureau (OSS) located in all industrial Estates?

-- Receiving the new investment requests

-- Following-up on the formalities of (sale / purchase / lease) of industrial land and standard factory buildings.

-- Construction licensing.

-- Construction work permits.

-- Water Services.

-- General maintenance.

-- Electricity services.

-- Electricity services.

-- Telecommunication services.

-- Internet connection via the investors Services Bureau (OSS).

-- Receive any complaints and comments and following up with the concerned departments.

* Q: What are the procedures and the steps to purchase a standard factory building or a land within the Industrial Estates?

1)The investor is welcomed to visit the Investors Services Bureau (OSS) and fill the land or building purchase request form.

2)The request will be transferred to the Land and Property Directorate for studying and specifying the total value of land or ready building within 48 hours from the date of submission.

3)The investor replies to the acceptance by paying the amount of the required land or (SFB).

4)The Engineering Department will prepare the required documents for the land’s sale. These documents will be submitted to the Land Registration Department related to the Industrial Estate and will then be returned to JIEC management.

5)JIEC contact the Department of Lands and Survey in order to complete the formalities to obtain the approval of the prime minister, in case the

6)Total area of the property is over 50 thousands square meter, to transfer it to legal person (1). Either the sale to a company (Moral Personal), or to a foreign investor.

7)After obtaining the approval, a representative of JIEC will accompany the investor to the Department of Lands and survey for land registration title.

8)JIEC will start with the necessary documentation upon obtaining the clearance of paying the accrued amount.

9)The transfer of ownership will take place after 48 hours from the date of payment.

10)The investor should pay to the Land Registration Department what amounts to 6% from the land value as registration fees.

* Q: What kind of information can you provide us with about JIEC?

Our web site address is www.jiec.com which provides general information about us. We can also provide the brochure. However if there are more inquiries regarding investing in any of JIEC estates our dedicated Team can provide assistance to investors.

P.O. Box 950278

Amman 11195, Jordan

Tel: 962-6-5620055

Fax: 962-6-5620058