Jawed: Capital projects worth 60 million dinars implemented by Jordan Industrial Estates Company

cting The CEO of Jordan Industrial Estates Company, Omar Jawed, said that the company is currently implementing 14 construction projects worth up to JD60 million, including the establishment of new industrial estates in the governorates of (Madaba, Salt, Tafila and Jerash) also, expansions of several existing industrial estates and the processing of a number of industrial buildings in wide areas to meet the increasing demand for investment in the industrial estates..

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Agreement to establish industrial complex in Al-Muwaqar was signed

Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) announced the signing of an agreement to establish an industrial complex in Al- Muwaqar Industrial estate. The industrial complex will expand over a total area of 368 Dunums, and include several factories specialized in the heavy engineering and basic metal industries such as copper, zinc and aluminum purification, in addition to specialized chemical industries which heavily rely on Jordanian raw materials. .

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Arab and international investments in Al-Muaqar Industrial Estate (AIE) marsh toward success

The 1st industrial investment in Al- Muaqar industrial Estate still a witness of the beginnings of AIE when they launched their investment in 2011while they were in the 1st steps of their project side by side in developing the 1st phase of the industrial estate taking advantage the near Jordanian- Saudi borders which facilitate access of their products. Meanwhile, Al-Muaqar Industrial Estate was a destination to one of the largest companies from Singapore, which (AIE) has been the best choices and the most successful for their investmen.

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Memorandum of Understanding between the University of "Science and Technology" and Jordan Industrial Estates Co.

Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) and Jordan Industrial Estates Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to frame joint efforts between the university and industrial estates in Jordan.

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46 thousand jobs provided by "Industrial Estates" in 2017

The industrial cities of Sahab, Muaqar, Irbid, Karak and Aqaba until the end of 2017 offered about 46 thousand jobs, the majority were for Jordanians from both genders, concentrated in Abdullah II industrial Estate and Al-Hassan Industrial Estate in Irbid .

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Al-Hamory visits Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II Industrial Estate in Al-Karak

Minister of Industry and Trade Tareq Al-Hamory visited Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II Industrial Estate and number of commercial and industrial corporations accompanied by the Chairman of JIEC Dr. Loay Sehwail and the CEO of (JIEC) Dr. Jalal Al- Debie..

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(JIEC) develops addition lands in Muwaqar Industrial Estate (MIE)

Jordan industrial Estates company (JIEC) is starting to develop the second phase of MIE with total area 300,000 sqm in order to provide more developed land due to the zone high occupancy rate.

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Jordan Industrial Estates praises the security services provided to investors

Maj. Gen. Fadel Al Hmoud public security Director said that establishing the Investment Protection Unit - Desert Special Brig. Came from his majesty the king vision which offered a direct connection channel all day long with investors and dealing with their security needs so as to be followed up..

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