Rates in the new industrial estates

Industrial Estate

Original selling price m2/ JOD

Discounted Selling price m2/ JOD

Original Rental Rates for buildings m2/ JOD

Discounted Rental Rates for buildings m2/ JOD

Madaba Industrial Estate




13 for the first three years then18 for the following two years

Salt Industrial Estate




14 for the first three years then 19 for the following two years

Tafilah Industrial Estate




6 for the first three years then 10 for the following two years

The reduced prices in the new industrial estates (Salt, Madaba, and Tafilah) are only valid for the first (15) companies or for the first five years, whichever is first, and only for the first 5,000 m2 only for each investor.

The requirements for obtaining the discounted rates:-

1. The number of employees registered in the social security since the beginning of the investment and until owning the land should be 10 employees; among them at least 80% are Jordanians.

2.  The added value should be more than 40% (to be documented by a letter from the specialized government authority)

3. New investment, expansion or transfer with expansion

4. Exports should not be less than 30% of annual sales and documented by the sales statement of the income tax as well as an export statement based on certificates of origin from the Chamber of Industry.

Sales policy

1. (Installment sale): 30% Down payment, and the remaining amount in three years without interest by equal installments                                                 

2. ( Cash sale ) : Full payment of the price with the guarantee of the implementation of the requirements and standards by the investor as follows:

- The investor must submit a declaration and a commitment that includes his commitment to fulfill all the necessary     conditions.

- The investor commits not to make any changes or amendments to the commercial registry during the contract period.

Package of Incentives for Al-TafilahIndustrial Estate


* In case of not fulfilling these conditions or any of them, the investor loses his entitlement and is committed to pay the differences between the original selling price and the discounted price in the new industrial estates (Salt, Madaba, and Tafila,).