Jordan has an attractive and a unique investment climate which is based on its security stability. The investment environment of  Jordan also has many advantages that made it an investment destination to many Arab and foreign investments in various sectors, the main reasons for that are the following:-


- Easy access  to the international markets because of the wide number of FTAs (Free Trade Agreements) signed between Jordan and various countries around the world such as the United States of America, Arab League countries the North African Association Agreement, Agadir Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement with Singapore, Turkey, and Canada as well as  the Simplified Roles of origins agreement signed with the European Union,.


-Jordan has a strategic location on the crossroad of three continents.


- Legislations for regulating investments


- No restrictions on foreign investors or the transfer of capital and profits abroad.


- the Availability of trained and qualified workforce


- The existence of a new investment law among other legislations that offers a wide range of incentives, facilities and exemptions.