Requirements for leasing plot of land or (SFBs):

Jordan Industrial Estates Corporation (JIEC) Aims At Assisting Investors Who Wish To Establish Their Projects Within Our Industrial Estates In Jordan. The Following Guidelines Are Useful Hints On Steps To Establish Your New Industrial Project:

Contact the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) or the one-stop-service-shop at the Investment Commission to obtain the following approved documents:

  1. Company Registration Certificate
  2. Letter of Signatory Authorization

Contact Investment Commission to learn about the incentives and exemptions offered according to the Investment Promotion Law. Contact the Investor Services Bureau (ISB) located at JIEC’s operational industrial estates, where investor are offered options of available areas of developed free land or Standard Factory Buildings (SFBs) in addition to the rental rates and prices applied. When the investor determines his or her needs, he or she has to fill out a special investment application form indicating the following relevant information:

  1. A brief description of the project
  2. The location and facility selected, with the area required
  3. The power supply required
  4. The telecommunication services required
  5. The amount of daily water consumption
  6. The quantity and quality of wastewater discharged daily
  7. Copies of the documents issued by the (MIT) or by its office at JIB shall be enclosed with the investment application form.

(ISB) will accordingly transfer the investment application with the attached documents, in coordination with Engineering Directorate, to the Land and Property Directorate for the purpose of studying it.Upon approval, an agreement between JIEC and the authorized representatives of the company will be signed, followed by paying the annual rent or the total value in case of purchase, In addition to the rental rate, the investor shall pay a one-time University Fee which amounts to 0.005% of the total value of the annual rent. This is beside a revenue fee which amounts to 0.003% of the total value of the annual rent and is paid to the Ministry of Finance or to any of its branches. After completing the payments, the investor should fill out all relevant license and service application forms which are available at (ISB), such as: Construction License, Occupancy Permit, Profession License, Electricity Supply, Water Supply, and Telecommunications Services, ISB is committed to follow all the procedures through to obtain the above-mentioned services.