That's how masks are manufactured at the Green World Medical Supplies Company in Al - Salt Industrial Estate

"Al-Balad News" - Green World Medical Supplies Company realized early, that the spread of the coronavirus will be long-term and the world will resort to living with the virus and fight it through sanitizers, disinfectants and wearing a mask . This is one of the most important reasons for investing in the mask industry and exporting it to America, Britain, Canada and Iraq.

The consultant of the Green World Medical Supplies Industry Company Dr. Ziad Al-Qatash said that the company decided after its conviction to successfully invest in the medical supplies industry to set up its factory in the industrial estate of Al-Salt.

After reading the publications broadcast by the Jordan Industrial Estates Company on social media about Al-Salat industrial estate ,we are convinced that investment in Al-Salat will have a promising future for industry in Jordan.

He added, We found that the privileges and services offered by Al Salt Industrial Estate to investors are stimulating, encouraging and attractive .

When we came to the industrial estate of Al-Salt, we felt that it was the most suitable industrial estate in terms of its so close to where we live, providing skilled and trained labour and the management's keenness to communicate continuously with investors and meeting their needs by providing services to them quickly with all the dedication we have .

The provided services by the Al- salt Industrial Estate Administration were reviewed .The estate administration, represented by the Director General, Mr. Issam Baydin, assisted them in providing electrical power during the processing phase and facilitating them in case of the need for delays in working in order to continue the production process to meet the demands of the required quantities of masks by our customers, we are encouraged to invest in the Industrial Authority.

As for the industries produced by the company, its specifications and the company's ambition to diversify its products, Dr. Al-Qattash said that the company currently produces high-quality masks that enabled the company to compete globally , it is a three-layer masks where we ensure that it is convenient to use, wet and does not cause sensitivity to the user's skin. The inner filter purifies the air by 98%.

In addition, one of its specifications is to provide real protection capable of eliminating bacteria and viruses and suitable for natural human breathing and the use of suitable materials for the user's ear and convenience as well as the pieces on the nose that control the closure of the nose area , so that it is convenient for the user and one of the things that was focused on, was the production of comfortable masks for the user to wear them for a period ranging from (6-8) hours.

He also revealed that the factory benefited from the exemptions granted by the Certificate of Origin issued by the League of Arab States, which provided many fees, especially in the export process to the Iraq.

The company looks forward to expanding its investment in the industrial city of Al-Salat to open new production lines for the production of operation scrubs, headgear and foot. The company focuses on the use of non-textile cloth used in hospitals, health centers and clinics.

During its tour of the company's factory, Al Balad News learned about the way masks are manufactured, the stages in which they pass, the way employees work, and the full commitment to hygiene, sanitization, health and safety conditions. The employee begins his working day by entering the next room where he wears the headgear, foot and gloves and then enters the manufacturing place to start his work.