Basman factory reveals the reasons why investing in Al-Salat Industrial Estate

Al Balad News Site - Basman Food Industries Company's career began by investing in the Al-Salat industrial estate , a subsidiary of the Jordanian Industrial Estates Company, from the company's search and enquiry about an attractive investment environment with encouraging and stimulating privileges and facilities until the company found one of the marketing and promotional announcements of the Jordan Industrial Estates Company about Al-Salt industrial estate , the company studied and researched the content of investment in Al-Salat in terms of costs, services and economic feasibility and found it appropriate and convenient , in terms of exemptions and privileges, the percentage of tax on income derived from production within the industrial estate , which reaches 5% and beyond, is about 16%.

In addition to the preferential prices for water, electricity, logistics and hard work they found from the management of Jordan Industrial Estates Company and Industrial Authority to meet the needs of Basman Company and provide all the convenience and encouragement to invest.
In an interview with Al Balad News , Osman Belaoui, Director General of Basman Factory, said that the company found the appropriate and attractive investment environment in the industrial estate of Al Salt, the company's decision to set up its plant in Al-Salt industrial estate was convinced of the privileges and facilities.
He noted that the availability of infrastructure and low water and electricity prices compared to outside the estate were attractions for the company.

Belaoui revealed that at the beginning of its inception, the plant provided 10 jobs opportunity and all the employees are from the Jordanian nationality, where he praised local power employment, especially as some employees and workers were trained.

With regard to cooperation and facilities provided by the Department of Industrial estates and the Industrial estate, the Director-General of the factory said that he found that the two departments, especially the General Manager of the Jordan Industrial Estates Company Omar Jwaid, were close to investors and needs and supplies are provided as soon as possible.
On the factory's products, Belaoui said that the company is competent to roast nuts in their form, which are imported and roasted in several flavors and within the highest specifications.
Products are supplied to the local market with multiple packaging with small bags weighing 50 gramo 200 gram and five kilo shops selling to consumers.

Also he said that the company is promoting export as the company hopes in the coming days to increase the value of its exports abroad.
Osman Belaoui addressed Jordanian investors , Arab and foreign , encourage them to think seriously about investing in Jordan, specifically the Authority, because of the availability of a secure and stable environment as well as the low costs of water and electricity in industrial estates.

Bisman Food Industries Company's products of nuts are the best in the Kingdom.
It is worth mentioning that the general manager of the factory Osman Ba'awi has the privilege of working with the workers and employees hand to hand and finding him to help, support and inspect the progress .