Jordan Industrial Estates Company: 187 industrial companies contributed to strengthening Jordan's inventory of sanitizers, tissues, masks and scrubs

The coronavirus pandemic has enabled (187) industrial companies specializing in sanitizers, chemicals and tissues in Jordan's industrial Estates to continue their work and production, including (139) companies in the health and medical industries and (48) company in the field of masks and scrubs to supply the local market for its products required by the current phase, which contributed to the strengthening of the Kingdom's inventory in accordance with the best global standards at a time when many of the world's countries are complaining that they are shipwrecked and lost from markets facing shortage in the market.

While His Majesty called for an increase in the Kingdom's production of sterilizers and health and medical industries, many industry companies specializing in the textile field took the lead alongside companies working in this field and turning the crisis into an opportunity to transform its production lines for the manufacture of masks and medical clothes, is another problem along with companies working in this field to increase the quantities of production in the Kingdom and satisfy the need of the local market and move towards to export to different countries of the world which confirms the ability of companies operating in various Jordanian industrial estates to cope in different circumstances and situations and that the Jordanian industry is able to meet the needs in these conditions and continue production and self-reliance in different industrial sectors.

These companies have confirmed that their daily production has doubled and are in an ongoing process of supplying their industries to the domestic market and are destined for export to revive economic movement and meet the needs of foreign markets, especially as land crossings are open to commercial movement.

Based on reliable sources in these companies, it has been confirmed that they have made their best efforts to focus on the industries of all kinds of sanitizers, whether buildings disinfectants and personal sanitizers, as well as sanitizers used to sanitize vegetables and fruits, the volume of production has been able to fully meet the needs of the local market so that the Jordanian citizen can buy it without shortage or scarcity.

The production and supply of masks and medical clothing to the local market has also increased, especially the medical sector, which has not seen a shortage of these requirements.

Jordan Industrial Estates Company, which manages the investment process in various industrial estates operating in the Kingdom, has not lost sight of its role from the very first moment of the issuance of defence orders and has been working hard to facilitate the work of industrial companies in important sectors, especially medical and food, such as facilitating the issuance of permits to investors and employment, as well as coordinating efforts with various investment agencies foremost among them are the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, Investment Authority, Chambers of Industry, Commerce, Investors' Associations and Municipalities to implement the plans drawn up by the relevant government committees in these exceptional circumstances to confront this exceptional circumstance that the Kingdom is experiencing.

Director General Omar Jwaid asserted that this time is more the time of Jordanian industry than ever, given the quality of it and the great opportunity to replace the domestic product rather than the imported foreign product this is what happened during this crisis, and it goes beyond the thought of adopting a new phase based on the development of operational strategies and plans to open the way for Jordanian products to enter regional and international markets.

Based on many factors, the most important of which are the trade agreements signed between Jordan and many countries of the world, Jordan is distinguished by its immense skill in managing the crisis efficiently and ably. This will certainly create an investment environment that is legislative and health-friendly for many foreign companies to come to Jordan and set up their projects and then start to export to global markets. It will be recalled that the operating industrial cities of the company are located in both Sahab, Al-Muwaqqar , Arbid, Al-Mafraq, Al-Karak and Al-Aqaba.