"Four Horses" company creativity makes (7) types of masks in Madaba Industrial estate

Al Balad News Website - Abu Hijjah Industrial Group Owner of Four Horses Medical Supplies Company realized the importance of developing, improving, upgrading and creating quality and excellence in the medical supplies industry in the light of the coronavirus pandemic.
The group set up a factory to manufacture masks in Maadba Industrial Development estate of Jordan Industrial Estates Company, where it worked on the manufacture of 7 types of masks, (4) of which are colored and the rest for fashion styles.

To suit citizens' needs and encourage them to commit to wearing a mask to protect them and prevent them from contracting the virus.

"Al-Balad News" prepared a detailed and photographed report in the factory to show the reality of the method of production, machinery, equipment used and products produced by the factory and supply the local and Arab markets.

The factory manager, Zain Rawahna, who is authorized to administer the plant by the factory owner and general manager, Engineer Yasser Abu Hajjah, said that the factory produces high-quality masks ,works on its manufacturing qualified technicians and specialists trained in the use of modern and sophisticated machinery and equipment.

Al-Rawahneh asserted that the masks produced in the factory are made of high-quality fabric and contribute to providing a high percentage of protection against virus infection, especially coronavirus, to contain the mask on a buffer layer that prevents transmission of viruses.

Also she said, we took into account the importance that the masks produced are convenient for users in terms of the quality of the fabric, which is not exposed to the purity and rubber used so that it is comfortable for the user's ear's.
The factory also developed rubber added to the threads used in the mask to enable the veiled specifically to wear the mask so that it is placed behind the head in an easy way and helps prolong the mask rubber to make it more comfortable .

She noted that the factory is packaging masks to keep them clean and safe from catching viruses, as well as the possibility of storing the quantities of masks in places of sale and used it in the hospitals, pharmacies, medical clinics and other sectors that purchase the products of the Four Horses company for medical supplies industry.

She added, The factory produces about 90 thousand of maskes various types and items every day, supplying production to local markets, hospitals, pharmacies and exporting orders to a number of Gulf countries.

As for the job opportunities offered by the factory, which is the first factory to start work in Maadba Industrial Estete, Al-Rawahna said that the factory provides 30 jobs for the children of the local community during the first year of employment, the number of employees will double in the next few months.