(100) Jordan Industrial Equipment Company March in Madaba Industrial Estate.

Al Balad News Website - a distinctive company with many connotations of pride in the country and its progress. The name did not come out of no where but was linked to the challenge of achievement and uniqueness with high quality products and competitive prices. It has been able to advance the products of all the countries of the Middle East and North Africa and is the world's first to manufacture sterilizers and medical furniture since its inception, which came at a difficult and complex time when the wheels of production and industry stopped The sectors have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, which has ravaged the world, the region and Jordan. The company has always managed its wise and stubborn management, which has designed and insisted on challenging the difficulties and conditions with the faith and determined to challenge the difficulties and circumstances with the faith and determination of Dr. Nidal Malo al-Ain, who was the reason for success despite the difficult circumstances.

"Al Balad News" visited the factory of Zero Zero One Industrial Equipment Company (100) Jordan, in Maadba Industrial Development City of Jordan Industrial Estates Company.
And met with General Manager Dr. Nidal Mullu Al-Ain, who took us on a field tour of the factory, briefed us on the land of the company's products and updated us on the details and history of the bright company.

Dr. Malo Al-Ain said that the company was founded in the 2019 year and is an extension of an industrial family of the "Mulu Al-Ain Industrial Foundation" which has been operating since the 1960s , Modernization and industry came with a new generation with the technological age to start its business with excellence, creativity and quality addition of its products , Which coincides to cover local, regional, Arab and international needs with high quality and competitive prices that take a share in the global market in the field of medical supplies, sterilizers and multiple disinfectants.

"The company began its work in the midst of the Corona crisis and transformed its production of lighting units into UV-light sterilization units. The idea began during the total ban in March 2019.

The beginning was in the barber and coavir sterilization box. The research was carried out in hospitals and laboratories. Here I started thinking and forming a research team and reviewing global studies on UV sterilization. It adopts to sanitize tools, screening devices and medical laboratories.

Dr. Malo Al Ain confirmed that the company was the first company in the world to bring up the use of ultraviolet light (UV) for sterilization to confront the coronavirus pandemic . The idea came from Jordan's extraordinary experiences and minds, which came to fruition several months later. Studies came out of NASA, the White House and European institutions confirms what we have successfully put forward UV radiation in sterilizing and eliminating coronavirus and we have manufactured easy-to-use devices in all locations and for several uses to cover economic sectors, enterprises, diversified businesses and even homes.

The general manager stated that the company offers sterilization for financial institutions, ATMs and cash handling through cash counting and cash box to receive and deliver money , a locker sterilizer , Miscellaneous Financial Bags , Air conditioner sterilizer and central air-conditioner.

In addition to providing sterilization to the restaurant and café sector by sterilizing equipment used in the preparation and delivery of services , Providing services and sanitizing the tools in which the service is provided from dishes, tubes, etc., sanitizing lounges, tables, seats and sanitizing air conditioners and sanitizing warehouses, warehouses and refrigerators.

Dr. Malo Al Ain continued, the company offers sterilization to the tourist sector starting with rooms, hotel apartments, lounges, halls, warehouses, warehouses, water and sports clubs , Swimming pools, various halls, restaurants, central kitchens, drays, cleaning services, care and hotel guests' tools are used in addition to sanitizing the railway/strip, materials, hotel inputs, apartments or airports, sanitizing aircraft, aircraft air filters and carriers.

He drew attention to the provision of sterilization services to the industrial, commercial, health, educational and transport sectors of various kinds, agricultural and animal, as well as offices, companies, border crossings, shipping and inspection, the company also provides field detection services to study the site and provide the necessary sterilization solutions that suit the customer's need for sterilization and cover them with the highest efficiency and lowest cost.

On the manufacture of medical furniture, engineering obligation and medical industries,

 Dr. Malo Al Ain, having studied the market, found that the cost of medical equipment and medical furniture for clinics and hospitals is high and takes from assets and equipment a lot.

The company has developed the medical furniture production line and started with the assembly and complementary industries. After studying markets and costs, especially for the government sector, the company found itself in front of a national, humanitarian and moral duty by providing what you can make by reducing the costs required for the equipment, you have reached out to European, European and privileged companies to move this technology to Jordan with international, robotic and American specifications to become a factory in Jordan covering the local, regional and Arab market.

He said that the company equips the care family, emergency and ambulance beds, catering tables for the sick, radiation imaging beds, clinic and examination beds, bed side tables, emergency closet and equipment and drawers, pharmaceuticals, laboratories and imaging and radiation. This equipment is a local Jordanian industry that reduces costs from 30-70%.

Malo Al Ain stated that the company's products are of high quality and have received the International Quality Certificate (ISO) and the Quality Manufacturing Certificate (GMP), they also enjoy the prices that the service recipients can get,in addition, the company cooperated with a number of Jordanian factories to supply and manufacture production inputs to contribute to the factories' ability to continuously operate and produce in the light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing the highlights of the company's 2021 plan, the general manager said the company looked forward to increasing investment by establishing a pharmaceutical warehouse to provide different medicines and treatments at the lowest cost that could be 70% lower than current prices.

Mulu al-Ain revealed his intention to establish a number of projects, including tourism, agricultural and small enterprises that provide employment opportunities for the sons of the city of Madaba, noting that the company provides 20 jobs for the sons of the local community in the city currently. It is expected to rise in the coming months.