Jordan's development, free zones seek to attract more investments-JIEC

In a meeting held at the Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC), developers of development, industrial and free zones discussed amendments to the new Investment Law and its ability to attract investments, as well as granting more investor exemptions and incentives..

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Jordanian-Tunisian cooperation in the legislative and technical fields of industrial and developing estates

Jordan and Tunisia discussed virtually the implementation of a number of joint plans in the field of establishing, managing and developing industrial and developing estates, and exchanging experiences and visits between the two sides..

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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Tafilah Industrial Estate and Tafilah Technical University to promote industrial development.

The Jordan Industrial Estates Company and Tafilah Technical University signed (MOU) to establish real partnerships with the private sector to enhance scientific and practical relations in a way that contributes to industrial development and increases the added value of empowerment and advancement of the economy. .

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Yemeni Investment to Produce Honey at Salt Industrial Estate

The Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) has signed a new investment agreement in the Salt Industrial Estate, the new investment is Yemeni nationality with invested capital around one million JD, will specialize in the production of foodstuffs (honey products of various kinds), while it will provide about 25 job opportunities for local workers in various administrative and technical disciplines. .

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PM pledges support to existing, prospective investments

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Wednesday stressed his government's support to current and prospective investments and said it is working to lure in fresh capital to propel economic growth and create job opportunities. .

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86 new investments until the first eight months of this year

Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) was able to attract 86 new investments in the industrial Estates of the company during the first eight months of the current year, compared with 55 investments for the same period in 2019. .

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Operating the first production line in Tafileh Industrial Estate

The Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) has revealed the first project in Tafileh Industrial Estate has started the operation, specialized in manufacturing plastic materials (bags) as a first stage, while it will expand to produce the rest of the plastic materials during the coming period. .

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JIEC: facilities for industrialists in Mafraq Industrial Estate

The Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) announced facilities for industrialists wishing to invest in Mafraq Industrial Estate related to the payment facility and the installment period, in a step to assist investors wishing to join the Estate and start their industrial activity, benefiting from the set of incentives and exemptions granted by law for economic activities. .

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