16 investment applications for Al-salt Industrial Estate

Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) announced that the number of applications for investing in Al-salt Industrial Estate reached (16) requests in various industrial sectors, which coincides with the company's stimulation pace to complete the first phase with a size of (238 000 m2) out of the total land of the estate with a size of (472 000 m2). .

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JIEC offers investment opportunities during Silk Road III Conference.

Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) offered the Investment opportunities within its industrial estates at Silk Road III Conference which was organized by the Palestinian-Jordanian Businessmen Forum for two days and in cooperation with JIEC, Jordan and Amman Chambers of Industry and Jordan and Amman Chambers of Commerce..

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Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) holds a promotional day for Al-Mafraq Industrial Estate

Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC), in partnership with the Local Enterprise support project supported by the USAID and Al-Mafraq Development Company, organized a day to promote Al-Mafraq Industrial Estate in King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area in the presence of businessmen and investors’ association..

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Jordan Industrial Estates Company participates in several economic activities in UAE

Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) participated in several economic activities in UAE represented in the Jordanian-Emirates higher council meetings, Gulf Food Fair and meetings with several economic and business men from many countries.

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PM visits Al-Muaqqar Industrial Estate

Prime Minister Hani Mulki, accompanied by a ministerial team, visited Al-Muwaqqar Industrial Estate and met its investors and stressed the government’s pride in the progress made by the industry sector and its reliance on modern technology. Mulki said that the government will resolve the challenges facing the Kingdom and work with all the “seriousness and sincerity” to build “the Jordan we want”. .

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JIEC starts developing the Waste Water Treatment Plant of King Abdullah II Industrial Estate in Sahab

Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) started to execute the treatment of smells emitted by the (WWTP) of Abdullah II Industrial Estate in Sahab. The implementation tasks include covering the drainage tanks, installing the deodorization unit, and installing the acidity equilibration device which will cost almost half a million U.S Dollars, where it is expected to be completed within five months.

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“JIEC” sings a MOU with Business Development Center

Jordan Industrial Estates Company signed a MOU with the Business Development Center to increase the competitiveness of industrial companies located within the industrial estates and to link with the supporting bodies and rehabilitate and train the youth of the neighboring regions. The agreement was signed by Dr. Jalal Al-Debei the CEO of the company and Nayef Estitya the CEO of Business Development Center In the presence of Dr. Loay Sehwail the Chairman of Jordan Industrial Estates Company.

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Iraq requests JIEC’s experience to execute an industrial estate

Iraqi Minister of Industry and Minerals Eng. Mohammed al-Sudani called on Jordan Industrial Estates Company (JIEC) to provide a technical study of an Iraqi industrial estate on the border between Iraq and Jordan so as to host Iraqi- mini and medium industries besides taking advantage of the Jordanian experience in serving investments also the experience in establishing and operating the industrial estates..

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