Al-Muwaqqar Industrial Estate Hosts one of the Top Five metal investments in the region

Al-Muwaqar Industrial Estate has always been a successful reference and a great example that meet international standards and measures in the fields of establishing, managing and marketing the industrial estates. And always have been an investment attraction destination for many local, Arab, and international Industrial capital. Nowadays, this industrial estate is the platform of many significant industrial companies that started production and exportation of their products to the international markets as a “Made in Jordan” products which has proved its competitiveness through its quality and the conformity to international standards in various industrial fields.

First off, The International Technical Company for Metal Industries, which has started the investment in Al-Muwaqqar Industrial Estate in 2011, is now among the top five regional companies in the field of metal industries when it has inaugurated the second phase of the galvanizing pipe, the steel structure, and the poles of electricity and lighting factories on an area of (125,000 m2) that was equipped with the latest technologies of galvanization in The world, Which also made it one of top factories in the Middle East because of the latest industrial technologies in galvanizing basin. The first phase of the project included establishing a factory on an area of (160,000 m2) for producing metal tubes and pipes. And the actual production began in the late year of 2012 with a production capacity of up to 100,000 tons per year, and the factory was provided with the latest technologies for tubes and pipes manufacturing.

Further, although this company is competing in the Arab market and is considered among the top five regional companies, it also has started to access the American and Canadian markets, especially after receiving many international accreditations due to the quality of its products. This company has received many international certificates such as the (UL) and (CE) certificates, as well as many ISOs such as the 9001, 14001 and 18001.

Moreover, the General Manager of the company, Ahmed Al-Far, in his latest statement praised the advanced level which Al-Muwaqar Industrial estate has reached as well as the investment facilities, incentives, and exemptions which contributed to the company’s decision to be within the industrial estate and contributed to their expansion plans to reach regional and international markets. He continued by saying that besides the industrial estate’s location which is very close to the borders of the neighboring countries, it offers a package of services such as water and communication networks, electricity, one stop shop, banks and dormitories, among other services which made it a preferable destination for many industrial investments.

Al Far also praised his Company, (ITC) , which exports about 60% of the Total exports of Al-Muwaqar Industrial estate; this number shows the hard working environment in the company and the expansion plans of its business which serves the investment process in Jordan as a whole and Al-Muwaqqar Industrial Estate in particular; it’s also to be noted that ICT offers 340 jobs, the majority of which are Jordanian engineers. Among other administrative and technical jobs.

Al Far also praised his Company, ITC, which exports about 60% of the Total exports of Al-Muwaqar Industrial estate; this number shows the hard working environment in the company and the expansion plans of its business which serves the investment process in Jordan as a whole and in the industrial estate in particular; it’s also to be noted that ICT offers 340 jobs, the majority of which are Jordanian engineers; among other administrative and technical jobs.

In addition, the investor expressed his optimism about reopening the crossing borders with the brotherly State of Iraq, which would enable Jordanian investors to re-export their products to the Iraqi market. He also expressed his optimism about the restoration of security and stability to Syria, whereas the company is expected to contribute to the reconstruction efforts of Syria. In addition to the company’s efforts to access various international markets under the phrase "Made in Jordan"- a pride for the Jordanian industry.

As has been noted, Al Muwaqar Industrial Estate was established in 2011 and hosts, until the third quarter of 2017, 90 industrial companies in various sectors, the volume of investment is 464 million JOD and this estate provided nearly 3,000 jobs in various fields to the Jordanian labor.

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